Coming soon: KYC Token

KYC on the Blockchain

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others all started out as a completely anonymous medium of exchange. The identities of wallet owners are hidden and there currently is no built-in way of securely associating wallet addresses with real-life identities even if the wallet owner wants to.

KYC Token solves this problem. Based on Ethereum platform used in over 60% of all ICOs (but compatible with any virtual currency system) KYC Token is the Blockchain way of associating your verified KYC credentials securely and privacy-protected with your digital wallet.

  • One-tap KYC: When signing up with a new ICO token issuer or digital currency exchange the user can satisfy the KYC requirements with a single tap on his mobile phone
  • GDPR compatible – no individual privacy protected information is published
  • Self-sovereign: The user owns and fully controls his own identity



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