KYC Solutions for ICOs

Fast and secure KYC screening for your Initial Coin Offering.

Identify by KYC AML

Protect your ICO from financial fraud.

Know Your Customer solutions deliver the experience customers expect while ensuring 100% KYC and AML compliance for your Initial Coin Offering.

It’s time to say goodbye to regulatory uncertainty and time-consuming manual procedures. Know Your Customer’s easy to use solution screens all individual and corporate customers against world-leading AML databases in a matter of seconds.

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“We chose Know Your Customer because they share the same vision for professional services and respect for clients as us and because of their undoubtful dedication towards their client’s needs and bespoke professionalism in communication. Know Your Customer sets a leading standard for all new generation businesses”.

– Viktorija Nemniasevaite, Operations Manager at ConnectPay

Automate the most time-consuming tasks and digitise the manual steps in your KYC process.

Step 1

Securely request identity documents directly from your customers, no matter where they are in the world, using SMS or email.

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Step 2

Users upload their identity documents using a dedicated mobile app or web portal directly to your organisation’s virtual compliance desk.

IT teams can also easily integrate their existing systems with our modular solution through API integration, securely validating the entire data flow.

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Step 3

The system automatically validates the authenticity of the identity documents provided, running military grade authentication of ID cards, driver licenses and passports (our technology supports 95% of the world’s ID cards, passports and driving licenses).

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Step 4

All users are automatically screened against world-leading AML, sanctions and crime databases in seconds, giving organisations peace of mind about their regulatory compliance.

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Step 5

The system automatically integrates with company registries from around the world to perform corporate KYC, instantly downloading relevant information, identifying ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and building complex corporate ownership structure charts instantly.

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Our Plans

Know Your Customer offers different plans to meet your organisation’s needs, whatever they may be. Whether you are looking for military-grade ID authentication, geo-location of users or a fully branded mobile app and web portal, we've got you covered.

Included in all our plans:

Ongoing AML
Mobile App &
Web Portal
Audit Trail

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