• Is my data secure?

    Despite concerns about the reliability and security of SaaS solutions, the truth is that there have been far fewer service disruptions or security breaches among SaaS vendors than in traditional, on-prem software environments.

  • Where is my client data stored?

    Because the data you host with us belongs to you, you have control over where it is stored and how it is securely accessed and deleted.  Microsoft has the largest global footprint of available zones of all public cloud providers.

  • Can I use the collected data for AML in another bank/ firm ?

    The information we provide is provided solely to the party with whom Know Your Customer Limited has entered into a contract.  While there is significant interest in the development of “digital passports” to allow for the transfer of core ID information between service providers, data protection legislation, and who may be able to provide information to other parties, if very much still in the idea stage.  Know Your Customer Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for information provided by you to a third party.

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