Engagement, pricing and billing

  • How do I cancel the service?

    Following an initial term of twelve months, the contract can be terminated by providing ninety days written notice to KYC, or such other term as may be set out in your SaaS agreement with us.

  • How am I notified of changes to the terms and conditions?

    Any changes to the terms and conditions will be posted to our website and you will be notified by email, sent to the email address as set out in the SaaS Agreement.

  • How will I be invoiced?

    Fees will be billed quarterly in advance with payment due within 30 days following the date on which it is sent to you. Invoices not paid within this time frame may be subject to interest.

    Any investigations into jurisdictions not covered under your plan or investigations above your plan limit will be billed retrospectively.  During our quarterly review, Know Your Customer will suggest a more suitable plan based on usage levels and domiciliation of corporates.

    Invoices are sent to the designated email address as provided by you in the SaaS Agreement.

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