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  • Can you add related documents to a case?

    We understand that in addition to proof of identity documents our clients might like to make full use of our robust document management module.  Upload any document you wish to include in a case and we will time stamp the upload and allow you to retrieve it whenever and wherever you need.

  • What data sources are available via Know Your Customer?

    We use a variety of data sources to verify the data collected. The data sources vary on a country-by-country basis. For further details, please email us on info@knowyourcustomer.com

  • Do you remind me after the 1st file is complete so as I can refresh the KYC on the customer?

    Our system has the facility to set date, event, or regulatory reminders for you and your team at a frequency to cater for your specific company needs. We can also set reminders to refresh information such as individual identity documentation when the relevant document expires.

  • What AML checks do you perform on corporate entities?

    The checks conducted will vary depending upon the AML legislation of the relevant jurisdiction for which the search is being undertaken. However, as a guide, checks are usually undertaken as follows:

    • That the company exists and is not in liquidation
    • The directors and shareholders
    • The constitutional/ incorporation documentation
    • The latest annual return
    • The latest financial statements
    • Data bases we use to verify information

    Some registries will not provide sensitive information, like financial information or shareholder data, and this will have to be provided by your client. However, once you have obtained the documents you require, KYC is able to extract shareholder information and compare them to several standard AML sanctions lists.

  • Why does the provision of information from some company registries take longer?

    This is because the online systems for some companies may be slower, and also because some company registries are not fully automated meaning that some of the information available, has to be manually requested and obtained.

  • Why are all documents not provided in English or the language of my choice?

    All company registries provide documents in the language of that particular country. Some company registries, as an added service, provide documents in other languages, but this is a minority of registries.

  • Why can’t I find the country I’m looking for?

    It may be that we are not currently covering that jurisdiction. KYC has a comprehensive roll out plan over the next twelve months to try and cover as many jurisdictions globally as possible. If the country that you require is not currently covered, please email us at info@knowyourcustomer.com to make an enquiry regarding that particular country.

  • Is the information for every country the same?

    No. Documents vary on a country by country basis depending upon the laws and regulations of that specific country in relation to public access to such information and the requirements to file such information with the company registry.

  • After completing a search, can I request other docs?

    If other documents are available for the relevant company at that particular company registry, you may request other documents. For example, a certificate of good standing, or equivalent document, is not included in our standard search, but can be requested as an addition if required.

  • Why is some information not provided by some company registries?

    Information is usually not provided by some company registries due to local laws and regulations which restrict the public disclosure to certain sensitive information.

  • Why does my client need to upload some information rather than obtaining it from the relevant company registry?

    Some information, such as details of shareholders, is not publicly available information and therefore the only party who can provide the information is your client.

  • How reliable are these documents?

    These documents are sourced from the relevant company registry and therefore 100% reliable.

  • What documents are available on corporate investigations?

    The documents vary depending upon the jurisdiction in which the investigation is being undertaken. Many jurisdictions provide a summary of information relating to the company, which includes many of the details required to complete KYC checks, along with copies of constitutional/ incorporation documents and financial information.

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