About Know Your Customer

  • Does KYCL remind me when I should refresh KYC details for my customer?

    Event and date driven triggers are built into solution so you can set them in-line with internal and/or regulatory obligations.

  • What documents are available on corporates?

    As a professional you are painfully aware of the challenges to uncover meaningful information to meet your KYC needs.  Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions allow for automatic retrieval and the number of documents vary depending upon the jurisdiction. Some information, such as details of shareholders, is not publicly available information and therefore the only party who can provide the information is your client.  However, our documents are sourced direct from the relevant company registry and therefore 100% reliable.

  • How long after a case is populated with documents can I see it?

    The upload of the collected documents through the app takes only seconds, subject to the speed of the end user’s internet connection, and your compliance staff will be alerted of each new upload immediately. From there it takes only a couple of clicks to the full view of those documents and all entered details.

  • How quickly can you complete a KYC compliant case?

    In many cases, we can return the required documents needed to complete a KYC case in a few short minutes. That said, there will be occasions where local processes to do allow for full automation.  Either way, you will be alerted immediately by email once a new KYC document pack was uploaded by one of your users.

  • I never met my clients, how can you help with identity verification?

    No problem, we live in a mobile world and there are many examples where we use our mobile phone to complete a transaction.  KYC is no different.  Using smartphone technology together with international and local datasets, we provide you with the tools to verify your clients identity accurately.  And for your clients, we provide them with the ability to complete the ID & V process from the palm of their hands.

  • How often do you screen for sanctions?

    Each customer has different needs so we will work with you to screen your customers as frequently as you need.

  • What languages do you support?

    We are constantly expanding the languages already built in our multilingual app.

    We currently support:
    English, French, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Thai, Malay, Cambodian, Danish, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Korean, Finnish and Russian.

    Additionally, our processes use Unicode character encoding for all text elements. That means that names, addresses, etc. can be entered and processed in any script or language.

  • Can we have the app with our own logo and under our own name in the app store?

    Absolutely, we offer both a white-labelled and company labelled option.  Just contact your representative for more details.

  • Can I integrate KYC with my existing technology?

    Yes, our experienced development team can quickly connect to most in-house solutions.

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