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  • Can I request other docs?

    By default, KYCL will return all available documents needed to complete your KYC case for each jurisdiction, where possible.  If other documents are available for the relevant company, you may request other documents. For example, a certificate of good standing, or equivalent document, is not included in our standard case solution, but can be requested as an addition if required.

  • What options of technical support do you offer?

    We offer multiple levels of support to accompany our pricing plans to cater to your needs anytime and in any jurisdictions.  Speak to your Know Your Customer representative for more details.

  • Do you offer any additional layers of verification to passports/national identity cards and utility bills?

    As an extra layer of security, KYC partners with third-party providers to run real-time checks on your clients’ documents and information.

    Similar to the technology used in airports worldwide, our solution checks hundreds of photo ID documents from around the world for authenticity based on a number of key indicators. We’ll give you detailed information about the findings to help you make informed decisions and keep your business safe from potential fraud.

    Additionally, we compare the information your clients provide you to multiple international databases to help you catch any inconsistencies.

  • Can I get a trial version?

    Our solution is extremely customer friendly but if you need a few days to test us out then we are happy to help. Alternatively, let us work on a pilot program together to test how our solutions meet your needs. Just talk to your representative and we can figure out what is the best option for you.

  • Can I change my plan to a more suitable solution when I need?

    Like your mobile phone plan, we treat KYC as a utility.  We will help you choose the right plan for your needs to ensure you only pay for what you need and can predict/forecast your costs with absolute confidence.

    As you grow or your needs change we will review your account each quarter.  Should your clients extend beyond  current jurisdictional plans we will apply retrospective billing and, if appropriate following a discussion with you, will adjust you to a solution that better fits your needs moving forward.  We will never restrict you from identifying your clients wherever they are.

  • Can I give team members different access levels?

    Yes, our hierarchical access controls allow you to allocate privileges to staff, team leaders, department heads, additional locations, or even to an auditor for temporary access.

  • Can I replace my compliance staff with your technology?

    Our solution cannot be used to replace any compliance regulatory requirements you may have, but rather to compliment the team that you have undertaking that regulatory obligation.

    As has proven to be the case in other areas where technology has been introduced, the result for KYC compliance is a better level of consistency for the built-in checks. That said, a human forensic expert should still verify a document. The marriage of the strengths of both humans and technology makes our solution better than other offerings in the marketplace.

  • In what currency will I be invoiced?

    You will be billed in the currency that makes sense for you. Currencies include US Dollars, Euros, Sterling and Hong Kong Dollars.

  • Why can’t I find the country I’m looking for?

    It may be that we are not currently covering that jurisdiction. KYC has a comprehensive roll out plan over the next twelve months to try and cover as many jurisdictions globally as possible. If the country that you require is not currently covered, please email us at info@knowyourcustomer.com to make an enquiry regarding that particular country.

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