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Corporate Validate
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Bringing corporate KYC into the 21st century.

Help your compliance specialists do what they do best – interrogate information.

Know Your Customer’s end-to-end KYC/AML solution automates the KYC process for corporate entities without taking control from compliance staff, helping organisations accelerate the onboarding of new corporate clients from THREE weeks to ONE day.

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With Know Your Customer supporting our unique and efficient onboarding, customers have been able to complete all KYC/AML suitability and appropriateness checks and make a purchase in under 7 minutes.

– Matthew McAllister, AssureHedge

One fully integrated solution for all your corporate KYC/AML needs.

Corporate Validate by KYC provides organisations with an end-to-end virtual compliance desk to centralise all their KYC/AML activities.
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Compliance teams can instantly upload hundreds of customer lists through an automated import portal. With just one click, compliance officers can request onboarding documents from their clients, who can quickly upload them through a dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android) or web portal.

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Corporate Validate by KYC automatically integrates with official company registries from all over the world, instantly downloading KYC relevant information, identifying ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and building complex corporate ownership structure charts in minutes.

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All compliance activity is tracked in real time and displayed in the business intelligence dashboard, helping organisations gain a deeper understanding of their current workflows, customer journeys and hurdles to action.

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IT teams can easily integrate their existing systems with our modular solution through API integration, securely validating the entire data flow.

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