We offer digital innovation in identity verification and corporate KYC to ensure you remain at the digital forefront of your industry.

Our fully integrated KYC/AML solution automates the KYC process for corporate entities without taking control from your compliance staff.


  • Real-time retrieval of company documents and automated processes*
  • Large scale automation reducing manual transfer errors
  • Faster decision making through real-time availability of documents
  • Based on comprehensive international KYC/AML rules database
  • No reliance on 3rd parties due to full access of all original source documents
  • No account set up requirement with various registries
  • Fully integrated with our white label KYC app for individuals
  • Electronic storage of all relevant KYC documents accessible 24/7
  • Immutable audit trail for internal and regulatory call-back.
*Where available

How it works

Our 9 Step process completes the KYC process in minutes.

  • 1.

    Enter a company name and jurisdiction to open a new KYC case.

  • 2.

    The Compliance-Desk software connects to the electronic company registry of that jurisdiction.

  • 3.

    All individuals identified are then run through multiple AML database checks.

  • 4.

    Compliance-Desk then lets you send all individuals their own personalised access code to the KnowYourCustomer App.

  • 5.

    Individuals send in their KYC documentation via the automated app.

  • 6.

    Supporting automated checks on the incoming documents are performed.

  • 7.

    You are immediately notified when the KYC document collection for the KYC case is complete and then are presented with a full original document stack.

  • 8.

    You decide to accept or reject findings or documents.

  • 9.

    Once you do accept the evidence then you receive a detailed PDF report with the full details of the KYC case resolution. This report can be filed as proof of compliance.